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The Utility Mat - SMALL 15" x 12"

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The Work Mat That Works for You!

This is a preorder for The Utility Mat. From the date of purchase, allow 14 business days for The product to be completed and shipped.

Multiple, color options are available, the above images are for reference.

The Utility Mat is specifically and painstakingly designed and fabricated to both save you money and reduce waste. Instead of throwing away the cured spills and extra mixed epoxy from your project, The Utility Mat converts the excess into usable tools and objects. Hand made in the USA from high quality silicone, the 15" version of this mat can:

- convert over 150 useful items at once
- resist temperatures from -67º to 395º F
- provide an attractive, unique, and handcrafted appearance
- pay for itself over time
- reduce the waste/carbon footprint of your studio, shop, or business
- reduce reliance on carbon heavy shipping and storage for small, disposable products
- be used with a variety of materials, to varying result, such as PVA glue, polymer stone

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